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Online Virtual One on One Puppy Training

K9 Online Puppy Training with Martin Dominick

Online – K9 PuppySmart Training Session

Your pup needs appropriate behaviour direction early. Ideally a lot of the required behaviour should be introduced before 20 weeks.
This online session is designed to help you with the first important steps of puppy ownership and to assist you with any behavioural issues you are experiencing with your pup.
No matter what your goal is for your puppy the fundamentals of training apply. The equipment you use and the application of it are important. Your role as the owner is more than giving TLC. They are very impressionable and it is your job to provide an ideal learning environment and apply a suitable training methodology to ensure your behaviour goals are reached with your pup.
I look forward to helping you on that exciting journey!
The session is 45 minutes. COST $110

Once you have decided to go ahead with our “Online Puppy Training Lesson” please click on the Online booking form below and choose a suitable available time and date. On our booking form it will also take you through the payment process which is secure with SQUARE. We also ask you to fill our our short question form below.

K9 Puppy Smart - Puppy Lessons
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